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Our team placed the production and treatment of high-quality prismatic and rotation-symmetrical mechanical engineering sharing to the goal for itself.

The partial spectrum is primarily placed in the area of the spare- and newparts for high-claimed production machines and installation complexes. Remarking is that it itself on that occasion about individual parts and smaller numbers of pieces - not however about mass production, for which exists capacitys on him/it, deals. This spectrum necessitates precision and longevity of the generated products, as well as a short-term and flexible supply of our customers, to the highest extent.


Our production essentially concentrates on

  • High-speed, rotation-symmetrical parts with axial as well as radial distinction on the coat or forehead surface, with what round run deviations are not tolerated bigger than 0,01 millimeters,

  • Strongly claimed prismatic parts that hardened of the put requests for wear and longevity on reason and after it flat, or is profile-ground, also with very narrow tolerances in form and situation precision of 0,01 millimeters

  • Rotationssymmetrische and prismatic parts with high-quality surface structures like for example chrome or ceramics
  • Mechanical engineering parts with special screw threads.

  • Singles and model parts for attempt constructions
  • Production of small building groups inclusive assembly
  • Building of devices after arrangement with the customer and/or existing designs
  • Replacements after arrangement with the customer and/or existing designs for
    - paper-printing-machines
    - plastic-injection-machines
    - steeple-clocks
    - textile machinery

The production procedures include on that occasion:

  • CNC-Drehen

  • CNC-milling in 5 axes

  • Profile bows of concave and convex forms with Diaform-grinding machine

  • Outside round bows

  • Control of the manufactured products of 3D-measuring machine with computer suppor

  • In co-operation we can offer with:
    • Galv. surface refinement (galvanize, chromate, anodize, hard anodize, burnish, nickel plate)
    • Statically and dynamically heaving
    • Thermal treatment (vakuumhaaerten, case-harden, nitrating, induction hardening, recompensing, div. Glow procedure)
    • Surface coating with ceramic materials
With these procedures, a nonstop safeguarding of the product quality is guaranteed and can be documented comprehensible on reason of the measurement for the customer.
This fact is basis an our business goals - a constant quality, and consequently a general and uncomplicated interchangeability the part delivered by us, to guarantee.

Our strongly motivated team consists exclusively of technically highly qualified co-workers with long-time experience in the service and programming of computer-operated tool machines.
So, flexibility offers all possibilities to itself in the point in order to immediately be able to react to your wishes. Furthermore, an unambiguous identification of each co-worker with the parts manufactured by him secures a high quality standard of your order.