After the civil engineering works , the foundation is built in March 2000.

One month later, it was begun with the steel construction.

Now the size of the hall is to be recognized. The red girders belong to the office section, the blue ones to the production.

The walls of the hall were placed and were brought in to concrete in the office section.

28.05.2000: the foyer gate was installed and the windows are brought in.

Beginning of May: The production hall with appropriate foyer blanket. The side windows still are missing.

The concrete fine layer of the hall was instructed. Also the blanket now is complete.

In these areas, it was produced from September until June 2000. The machines stand on narrowest area.

The then test bench resp. breakfast room .

The "big day": move from the 28. June 2000 from Helmsdorf to Dingelstädt.

The hall fills with machines. Still, some chaos prevails.

The machines are connected. The production hall is furnished completely.

Also the new test area now is no more breakfast area at the same time.

The Breakfast area

After a short time quality and delivery fidelity led to deep resonance with the customer, so that the capacity limits was reached. End of March 1999, a second treatment center was not sufficient for long time.

In the autumn 1999, we decided to look for a property which has enough room for further expansion. In Dingelstädt finally, our new headquarters should be built. At the Hestelweg 8, we found ideal conditions for a project with 450 m² production expanses and 150 m² offices and social section. The position of the building proposition took place in December 1999.

As well, it became baths at toilets, halls, and abidance areas of the office section diligently worked.

From the second July week, we took, the production high-motivates again on. With the plentiful increase place, also a new acquisition of technology now was possible, another CNC-machining centre with integrated round table became, for example, and positioned a CNC lathe with pole clutch.

RS 1000The new machine has arrived and the loading crane is being prepared.

RS 1000










Now she floats "on hook".

RS 1000








On rolls the machine is transported to its final location.

RS 1000







The stand is reached, the machine is set to "own two feet."
The start-up can begin.

RS 1000










The machine in use.



Reorganization of the inspection room, new acquisition and installation of the CNC coordinate measuring machine. A CNC centre lathe and a CNC turning grinding machine became additional angeschaft.

The packing place was eye-stored. It is now in a speparaten place and serves at the same time as goods despatched.

Mathias Kurz


In February this years the capacity was extended again by a 5-Achs processing center of the type DMU50eV with IKZ.

Innovations in the year 2005

With the acquisition of the new CNC profile-grinding machine BLOHM Planomat it is us starting from February 2005 possible a manufacturing method new for us to introduce - the abrasive machining.
Thus it is to be sharpened moeglch freely selectable outlines with a setting depth into the "full" material. Complex pre-milling of the outlines and cost-intensive special drills belong now to the past.

Innovations in the years 2007 / 2008  
On March, 03 we started with digging for a extension of a new office building.
the steel construction on 25.04.2007


the woodwork on 27.04.2007


masonry works at interior on  04.05.2007


installation of the glass front on 29.06.2007


alu-outside-facade on 16.07.2007




in August 2007










thanks to this extension we have a new office for 2 employees


and a new workplace for the manager created.

Der neue Prüfraum

The place won thereby in our production hall should serve for the new acquisition of 2 machine tools and to the reorganisation of the test bench.

Der neue Besucherraum







Furthermore a new visitor's space could be furnished in the course of the rebuilding measures.

Our company story began in the year 1998.

On September 1, Uwe Stöber, Mathias Kurz and Helmut Stiefel established the company SKS. Six co-workers were among the trunk staff at that time. Mathias Kurz was entrusted with the management. A rent object in Helmsdorf (Eichsfeld) served as headquarters.

The two production areas were equipped with a vertical machining center, a CNC-lathe, a flat grinding machine, one conventional lathe and milling machine each, band-saw machine and coordinate measuring machine. Contracts were signed in a small office area by only 21 m².

innovations in 2012

In April 2012 we received a CNC-controlled precision grinding machine by the manufacturer Geibel & Hotz. With the new acquisition we can now edit grinding lengths of up to 1000mm.
By combining it with a collet chuck, we are now able to offer new parts spectra themselves.
With appropriate cycles, we can now traverse grinding with delivery at the turning points, plunge in the X - and Z-direction, inclined at any angle and plunge grinding pendulum in the X direction.
Also it is now possible to profile the disc and to grind in concave and convex surfaces.
Optionally, we can perform internal cylindrical grinding and thread grinding work.
However, since until now there is no need in this regard, we have these options are left open.

innovations in 2013



For capacity reasons, in 3 - and 4-axis milling, we decided to purchase another processing center.

The choice fell on a DMC 1035 eco from the manufacturer DMG Mori Seiki Berlin.

The appointment was made at the AMB in Stuttgart in September 2012.
The machine was delivered in December 2012 and was commissioned in January 2013.



innovations in 2016




To expand our capacity in 5-axis machining, we parted with our TV1000 to make room for a DMU 60 eVolution from manufacturer Deckel Maho Seebach GmbH.

The machine was delivered and put into operation in March 2016.





innovations in 2017




In order to produce serial parts with consistently high quality, an DMG CTX alpha 500 lathe with driven tools and bar loader was purchased.

The machine has been in operation since April 2017.






innovations in 2018 / 2019


At the end of 2018 the existing premises were again too small. In order to create more space, a new hall was built for storage and cutting.





As age-related failures threatened, a DMG CTX 2500/700 lathe with driven tools was ordered as a replacement for the HIT 30.

The machine will be put into operation in June 2019.